Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Darth Vader invades Maja's Home Cafe

 Back in 2012, during my preparations for my daughter's baptism I chance upon a caterer that really caught my attention. I was actually looking for a caterer who does not only serve good food but was also excellent with decorating. I was planning to have flowers & butterflies theme for the reception and when I saw Passion Cooks Catering's multiply I knew this was the one. I've read from other blogs that their food is really good. And all the photos of their "themed events" is just awesome.

Photo from Passion Cooks Catering's Facebook account
 But unfortunately their service is too expensive for my budget. Being a student who just depends on her mother I really need to minimize the expenses for this event because as long as I'm studying it'll be my mom who will spend the most for my daughter.

 A year later I found out that they'll be opening a restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque and the menu will include their best selling dishes. I was really delighted with this news. Finally, I'll get to try their food.


I actually visited their restaurant on their first week but I went there to eat (not to blog). I was able to try their "Clone Crepes" which is Chicken and Ham crepes and the Three Mushroom and Truffle Pasta. Both we're really good.

 On my next visit I brought the entire gang with me. The more I bring the more food I'll get to try. YEAY. Maja's Home Cafe is actually a theme restaurant. (Oh and a lot of their decors are DIY.)

The Trooper Wall

Paper Roses

 The interiors would really excite the kids and the kids at heart. Like my daughter who didn't stop walking around until the food arrived. The kids were all giggly because of all the toy decorations.

Bacon and Banana Rolls
 This is the starter we had. Banana wrapped in bacon served with honey-maple dip. This comes in 4 pieces. Unfortunately, we already ate the other 3 when I remembered that I'm going to blog about it. hihihi.. sorry.

 I like the bacon in this dish. (Who doesn't like bacon?) It was so soft,  melts in your mouth but I didn't like it that way. And for me it was too sweet, I didn't even try it with the dip.

Chicken and Ham crepe

 Chicken, ham, and Cheddar cheese, rolled up in a sweet Crepe, topped with gravy sauce

 This was nice. Crunchy on the outside juicy in the inside. My niece and daughter liked it. I tried cooking this at home and I was able to make a 95% replica of this.

Grilled Pork Ribs with Herbed Cream Cheese
 Served with Muscovado Apples

 I wanted to order this but Kevin ordered the same so I decided to change mine. This was good. I really liked it. It reminds me of the late Garlic Cream Hamburg of Tokyo Cafe. We both didn't like the apple. Or maybe because those were fruits not meat. haha This also comes with a cup of steamed rice.

Roast Beef with Creamy Potatoes
 Tender beef slices served with mushroom sauce

 This is what I ordered. I didn't like it. The beef was too dry for my liking. The sauce on top was the same gravy for the Chicken and Ham crepe, only it had mushrooms. On the other hand the creamy potatoes we're so good. I wish I could order another serving of this. This was like the potato gratin I so love in Enderun's cafeteria, only this was better.

(UPDATE: During this visit it's just the beef and potatoes served but when we visited few weeks ago there was an additional rice, I don't know if the 1st was a mistake or they have decided to add rice)

Stark Juice - Tropical Fruit Juice with Orange Pulp
  Iron man cup, the cutest thing. Just on time for the Iron Man 3. The juice was really good. I never miss to order this. Refreshing for a very hot summer day.

Chocolate Lazy Cake
 Sweet biscuits rolled with sticky milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream

 I find nothing extra ordinary with this. A lot of the reviews I've read about Passion Cooks Catering said that this was the best. For me it isn't. But it was good especially with the ice cream. Just good.

Busog na daw sya. :)
 If you're craving for some good food this place is worth to visit. I would definitely go back. This is actually my kind of comfort food. I would love to try their other dishes. Wagyughetti and Baked Prawns Thermidor my next in line.

Maja's Home Cafe
111 A. Adela Bldg, Aguirre Ave.,
BF Homes, Paranaque City

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