Monday, August 19, 2013

Remembering our staycation at THE BELLEVUE HOTEL MANILA

Today is not a very fortunate day for the people of Luzon. Typhoon Maring enhanced by the Southwest Monsoon caused a lot of flooding and suspension of classes. I'm lucky enough that our village is not prone to flood. I never saw our village flooded, it withstood Typhoon Ondoy of 2009 and the habagat (Southwest Monsoon). And since school got suspended and staying at home is a little boring all I did was check my old post/pictures in my facebook account and saw photos of our staycation at THE BELLEVUE HOTEL in Alabang.

Last December 2012, I was checking the hotel's website and saw that they have promotions for that month. It was a very decent deal Php9,000nett for a 2 night stay in an Executive Suite in the Main Wing. I contacted them through email and facebook and it took a while for them to reply. I become very impatient and emailed them again and this was the reply I got:

They posted wrong information in their website and I was lucky enough to see it before they corrected it, or maybe it was because of me that they saw their mistake. Nonetheless I still got the deal and booked it on our preferred date.

The Executive Suite in the Main wing has a separate living room from the bedroom. It also has a kitchenette and one spacious bathroom.

living room
The living room has it's own LCD TV. The kids watched their daily cartoon fix here while us, the adults watch our movies in the bedroom.

The kitchenette actually can be very useful, it even has electric stove but they don't have cooking utensils so it's useless. The microwave oven was a big plus, there was a 7-eleven nearby and we just buy food their and microwave them, just to make our stay a little more affordable. haha

The only sad thing about it there was a dead small cockroach inside the refrigerator. It's a big no no.

The huge bed in the bedroom
The bedroom was really spacious. It was not crowded even we were a group of 4 adults and 2 kids. haha

the bathroom
This very spacious bathroom. This is the left side of the bathroom from the door. There was still a space at the right side.

On our first night, me and Kev had a little chill time in the pool area. We had drinks and enjoyed the complimentary peanuts.
Long Island Iced Tea and Mojito
relax time
What made our staycation very enjoying was their swimming pool. Bellevue Hotel has two swimming pool, one on the main wing and the other on the tower wing. Having that said, the pool was never crowded. We had the pool all to ourselves.

Happy family in the pool

empty swimming pool
My niece enjoyed the kiddie pool all to herself. Lifeguards are just around making it very safe for the kids.

Remembering these days is just so fun to do.We really had fun in Bellevue Hotel. We can't wait to go back. 

The Bellevue Hotel
North Bridgeway, Filinvest City,
Alabang , Muntinlupa City

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