Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Late Lunch at SF Bistro

SF Bistro brings the laid back, relaxed atmosphere San Francisco has through their Frisco style dishes. And true to that, once you enter you could already feel how relaxing the place with how interesting it looks with pictures and painting of distinct places in San Francisco.

(Apologies for the photos I was just using my BB phone)

the menu

Their tables with high chairs. I would prefer a more comfy chair but it looks really nice this way.

For our drinks my friend had the Cookies and Cream Coffee shake

photo c/o Ellelin Yap

While I had their House Blend Iced Tea.

It cost P45 and I find it very cheap compared to other restaurants who just serves NESTEA.

For the food we had:

Salmon Cakes P270
served with potato chips, tartar sauce and cherry syrup

I really liked this salmon cakes. At first bite I fell in love with it. I don't usually like cherries but it brightens up the whole dish. My only problem was the salad. My pasta came with the same exact salad and I was waiting for my potato chips but what came was these greens. The server was so nice when I asked where the chips are, she explained it very nicely and served a bunch of chips in a different plate.

All Meat Lasagna P195
Beef and Pork lasagna in marinara sauce and flat pasta baked with mozzarella cheese

It looks dry and dead. I think it's because the whole baking dish is displayed in their show chiller then reheated once an order comes. But this lasagna is so huge in taste I really enjoyed it.

My friend ordered this:

Mushroom Truffle Pasta P195
Fresh button and Portabello mushroom in truffle cream tossed with linguine pasta
PHOTO c/o Ellelin Yap

Elle said it was a little salty for her taste. I asked for some and find it ok. I've tasted a lot of mushroom truffle cream style pasta and for me this dish is just ok. Not bad but just ok.

Brownies and Ice Cream

I didn't plan on having desserts anymore. I was too full but my friend wanted to have something sweet to end her meal. This is what she ordered. She wanted me to try it and so I did. And it was the best decision I made that day. For me this was the highlight of my meal.

The brownies are so moist. The best brownies I must say. The only problem I had was the whole dish was overly sweet. The brownies, the vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup combined together was too sweet for me. Could have been better if there's a slice of fresh strawberry just to brighten up the flavor. Could have been better. But still for me it was so damn good.

My San Francisco dining experience was so good even though I was just at Mckinley Hill in Taguig. LOL Can't wait til classes resume. Want to try their martinis and flavored beers.

Tuscany, Mckinley Hill


  1. the food looks good!!! nice new place to try out, yay! thanks for sharing

    1. Yes. You should try it their food is really good.


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