Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tito Chef Restaurant and All Things Culinary (BF Homes)

I've been wanting to try this restaurant for quite sometime already. I always pass by this restaurant on my way home from school. Although it's very near our place I refuse to dine here because of the usual traffic in President's Ave. I find it unpleasant to battle the traffic just to dine. Tito Chef's vibe shouts comfort and traffic is totally not comfortable.

But since it was a special occasion we're celebrating, my daughter's 2nd birthday we decided to have our late lunch here not thinking about the traffic.

You could easily find Tito Chef when cruising along President's Ave. Coming from sucat it's a little before Tahanan Village.

The huge window is a great source of natural light. Makes Tito Chef's electricity consumption lower.

Truffled Mushroom Soup Puree P160
Mushroom soup melange of shitake, oyster, and porcini pureed and finished with truffle essence.
The only soup I would order as a child was cream of mushroom soup and growing up it has been one of my favorite soup especially if it has truffle on it. Upon seeing this in the menu, no doubt I wouldn't let it pass me.

I was busy taking photos of my daughter when this was served, the smell of the truffle caught my attention, as if I was hypnotized and just had spoonfuls of this mouthwatering mushroom goodness. Although the taste of the truffle is not as strong as it smells, the flavors of the different kinds of mushrooms used really comes through.

My only issue was it's size or should I say the choice of bowl used. For me it wasn't well presented.

I wanted her to try the mushroom soup but she doesn't like it. hehe

Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese  P255Crispy fried checken fingers served with macaoni & cheese & Ranch dip.
My daughter and niece already had lunch at home. I'm trying to teach the kids to always eat on time and since I knew they were still full I just ordered them some snacks to munch on.

But from the look of my daughter's face she still wants to eat. And so she did.

Too dry for my liking

These chicken fingers were good specially with the ranch dip. My niece really liked it.

Barbecued Pork Spareribs  P365Barbecued pork spareribs served with coleslaw, cucumber raita, and rice pilaf.
This is what I ordered. The pork was very tender and the barbecue sauce smothered to it has the right balance of sweet, salty and smokiness. Definitely worthy to try.

Carbonara Rustica P225Smoked salty bacon with fresh egg & parmesan cheese sauced fettuccine.
Not your typical Filipino carbonara made of milk and cream. Being a fan of dairy products I really prefer the creamy carbonara but from time to time it's also nice to eat a traditional egg and parmesan carbonara. The only problem is that as it gets cold it also gets dry.

American Burger P265Grilled beef pattie with onion, tomatoes and pickle, served on a toasted bun with .potato allumettes.
I wasn't able to try this. It was the yaya's order I was shy to get some from her. (Bago pa lang kasi siya, baka ano isipin. LOL) But I asked her if it was good and she said yes. 

Salmon Miso Ramen  P450Spice seared salmon fillet in a warm Japanese Miso Broth, vegetables, and Ramen noodles.
Tito Chef's Salmon Miso Ramen was huge. Kevin was the last one to finish his food even with the help of our daughter. I tried it but I find the smell of the spice to overpowering. It reminds me of an unpleasant smell when riding MRT. LOL Keissa like it though.

She liked it so much we had to ask for her own bowl to use.

 She really really liked it.

I think she can even live in this world eating the ramen. hahaha

Dulce de leche Cheesecake P155Rich dulce de leche swirled baked cheesecake
The dessert for the kids. My niece got excited when this was served but halfway through she stopped eating saying it was too sweet. Juna also said it was sweet.

I ordered on more dessert and forgot to take a photo of it. WHY? Because all I was thinking when it was served was to eat it. WHAT IT WAS? It's their  Macha Praline Torte P175 Japanese green tea flavoured sponge cake with praline layers, mangoes, & buttercream.

At first all I tasted was the earthy, vegetal taste of the macha but with the mangoes and praline layers it become very interesting. In a way in reminds me of Conti's Mango Bravo but the Mahca Praline torte for me is more complex and interesting.

On our way out, saw the staff preparing for their daily afternoon tea. Will definitely try Tito Chef's High Tea on my next visit.

Before going home we decided to pass by BF Homes Park and just let Keissa run to her heart's content. We rarely allow her to go outside because she gets sick so quickly but since it's her day we allowed her to play for half an hour.

To see her this happy is just priceless. 

I may not be able to give her a grand birthday party but with this smile I knew I made her happy

Tito Chef Restaurant and All Things Culinary
President's Ave, Paranaque City

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