Sunday, September 8, 2013

Le Soleil de Boracay

grabbed fom Le Soleil Website
The resort we stayed at for our 4 days 3 nights vacay at Boracay was Le Soleil de Boracay. My original plan was to stay at Boracay Mandarin. For how many yeas that I've been checking Boracay in the internet it was Boracay Mandarin that really caught my heart. But because I've been so busy in school preparing for midterms I wasn't able to reserve a room on time. When I contacted them, all deluxe rooms were booked already. The other rooms they offer were over my budget.

Luckily, I saw a deal in Ensogo for Le Soleil. 4 days 3 nights in a premier room with 2 breakfast for 2 pax. Since I wanted a resort with a swimming pool I got the deal as soon as possible.

The resort does not have an entrance from the main road we went down at Boracay Regency, beside Mcdonald's and walked towards the resort. On our way to the resort I saw Boracay Mandarin which gave me a little heartbreak. But as soon as we reached the Le Soleil and talked to the receptionist my day brightened up. It's like breaking up with someone and met a new potential the next minute. lol

Check-in was at 2:00pm but we arrived in the hotel around 10:30am. The receptionist told us that our room is still being cleaned and will be ready after an hour. He asked for Kevin's number and told us that he'll just contact us once the room is ready.

We were given tiny glass of welcome drinks.

I'm not really sure what it was,I think it's their special blend for Iced Tea but they were so good. I wanted to ask for more after drinking it but because of my excitement that I was in Boracay I forgot about it. haha

Kevin wearing the shell necklace
Shell necklace as part of their welcome gift.

This is the hallway going to the pool area and to our room but in this photo it was the other way around. I was coming from our room going to the lobby when I took this photo.

Our room was located in the far end building. It was on the second floor so we had to go up and down this stairs all the time. I don't mind cause I enjoy a room with balcony.

Our room was huge. It has 2 queen sized beds. I think this room can fit 6 pax.

When we entered the room there was a pool of water near the daybed. I asked the bell boy to clean it before leaving. After a while the floor was wet again and there we noticed that the ceiling has a leak. We informed the reception about it and they were able to fix it. I don't know how though.

The bathroom looks old. But was clean.

On our first night we had problems with our aircon. We were preparing for dinner when I heard water dripping in our room. Looked for it but so nothing then heard it again and noticed it was coming from the aircon. It was actually scary because I heard a cracking sound. There was an outlet below where Kev is charging his phone. We left the room for dinner and turned off the ac and when we went back the floor below the aircon was wet. We had it cleaned. We had this problem until the next day but was solved around mid afternoon.

For me the room was ok. It really made my vacation comfortable. There we're some flaws that we encountered but the resort staff was very prompt in fixing everything that we complained of. lol

The buffet breakfast spread was simple. They had breads, fruits, congee, rice, some viands, fruit powder juice dispenser. I didn't bother taking photos of the buffet because there's nothing to rave about it.

The second day breakfast was pretty much the same, they had chicken adobo and ham instead of tocino and vienna sausage.

Our stay in Boracay became really cozy and relaxing because of Le Soleil. The staff here are very friendly. At one point I even felt irritated because every time I pass by one they would greet me. I'm a very moody person. There are just times that I don't want people to talk to me. haha Taray eh.

I think that there are more better resorts in the island. But the resort is definitely a must-try.

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