Saturday, September 7, 2013

Food Tripping in Boracay (Where to eat)

A trip to Boracay Island wouldn't be complete without trying the different restaurants and foods known in the island. Boracay is not only known for it's fine white sand and night life, it is also known for the wide variety of rave worthy restaurants you can find in the island. And a trip to Boracay will not be complete without pigging out. :)

Oysters from Gasthof

Here are the food and restaurants we have tried during our recent trip to Boracay:


Barbecue ribs is quite famous in the island. I saw 3 restaurants that focuses in serving great ribs and we were able to try 2 out of the 3.

Gasthof's in D' Mall Station 2
Ribs from Gasthof

Ribs from Gasthof is huge in flavor and size. Only problem was it was a bit hard unlike the usual fall of the bones ribs one can get else where. The oysters we ordered was really good. The creamy cheese topping was not over powering, you can still taste the freshness of the oysters.

Hawaiian Bar-b-Que, Station 1

Hawaiian Bar-b-que ribs
Baked potatoes

I forgot the name of this but I'm sure this was under their best sellers. It has that perfect fall of the bone tenderness I was looking for at Gasthof's ribs but for me the flavors are a bit lacking. The baked potato I truly enjoyed. It was the highlight for me. I could it this with just a small portion of the ribs. Oh carbs...


Boracay Crab House (Forgot the new name)

Prior to our trip, I researched where is it best to eat seafood while in Boracay. I've seen a lot of good reviews at Boracay Crab House and decided this the one. lol We actually had a hard time finding the place.

Aligue Crab
Lechon Kawali
Buy 1 Take 1 Margarita

Complimentary Iced Tea
While eating we kept on raving how good the food was. But after a few hours I totally forgot about it. Just so-so.


I tried two cakes while we were there, both mangoes tho.

Cafe del Sol, D'mall

Mango Cheesecake
Lemon Cafe, D' Mall

Mango something cake
I didn't enjoy Lemon Cafe's cake as much I enjoyed Cafe del Sol's cheesecake. The later's cake was really good and well balanced. I could taste both the mangoes and the cheesy goodness of the cake while Lemon Cafe's was bland for me. It was like creamed thickened with gelatine. The mango flavor just came from the sliced of mango on top.


Mañana, Station 1



Enchilads Combination

Nachos was good. This was the first time I tried  flour tortilla chips which I now prefer more than the corn variant. Nothing new just like any other nachos you can try in the metro. For the enchiladas it was really good. It was different from what Ms. Franny Wanny posted in her post about Mañana. Maybe she was served the wrong dish. hehe


Jonah's Fruit shakes

The most popular of them all based on the reviews I've seen in the internet. I forgot what are these but I'm pretty sure both have mangoes on it. Thanks to it's yellow color. hahaha


One of the best mango shake I ever had. Hindi tinipid ang mangga. If you're a fan of mangoes like me go get one while in Boracay. While we were having our lunch probably no less than 10 Koreans ordered to go of this shake. It's that good.

THE CHORI BURGER (near Hawaiian Bar-b-que)

While strolling along the pathway we saw this "ihaw-ihaw" booth and wanted to have some for snacks. I didn't know you can have chori burger from them but saw people ordering so we got one and was truly amazed by it. The spicy bbq sauce was really good with the grilled chorizo. We went back to get another one that very minute and went back again the next day.

So next time you visit Boracay make sure you worked your ass off in the gym, not to have that perfect beach body but to make sure you have enough room for that extra pounds you'll be bringing back home. lol

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